About The Gearbox Troubleshooting


For the OEM & ODM rotary lawn mower gearbox wear problem, the traditional solution is repair welding or after brush plating machining repair, but both have certain drawbacks:
The thermal stress caused by high temperature welding cannot be completely eliminated, which may cause damage to the material and lead to bending or fracture of components. Brush coating is limited by the thickness of the coating and is easily peeled off. Both methods are used to repair metal with metal and cannot be changed. The "hard-to-hard" cooperation relationship will still cause further wear and tear under the combined effects of various forces.
For some large bearing companies, it is impossible to solve them on the spot, and it is necessary to rely on the repair of foreign companies. Contemporary Western countries have used the method of repairing polymer composites to solve the above problems. They have superb adhesion and excellent compressive strength and other comprehensive properties. The application of polymer materials can be repaired, free from disassembly and machining, and has no effect on the thermal stress of repair welding. The repair thickness is also not limited. At the same time, the metal materials possessed by the product do not possess the concessional properties, and can absorb the impact shock of the equipment and avoid re-wear. It is possible to greatly extend the service life of gearbox, save a lot of downtime for enterprises, and create huge economic value.

 OEM & ODM Rotary Lawn Mower Gearbox,