2017 Agricultural Machinery Industry Events


In 2017, just over the past year, large and small businesses took place in the agricultural machinery industry, constantly witnessing the reform and advancement of the agricultural machinery industry.

First, agricultural mechanization "Thirteen Five" plan released

Second, to promote the mechanization of the main crops

In 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture focused on nine major crops such as grain, cotton, oil and sugar. The department focused on mechanization of the main crop production and achieved remarkable results around the six major areas of land preparation, planting, plant protection, harvesting, drying and straw treatment.

Third, to carry out pilot plant protection UAV subsidies

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Fourth, agricultural development in hilly areas accelerated

Fifth, "13th Five-Year" safety production targets issued

Six, to carry out special modification tractor

Seven, the key technology industrialization to determine

Promote agricultural machinery manufacturing technology upgrades. The use of new technology, new equipment, transformation of existing agricultural machinery manufacturing processes and equipment to enhance product testing and service testing management capabilities.

Eight, cotton mechanization rate of 73%


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