Farm Machinery Gearbox Abnormal Noise Reasons Analysis


Under normal circumstances, farm machinery gearbox abnormal noise will surface a different form. Let's analyze in detail below.

If the gearbox sound is not uniform, but the periodicity is strong, it may be the gear meshing sound. The reason is that the gears are not replaced in pairs or the teeth are incorrect. At this point, we need to carefully observe the gear installed and promptly adjust or replace the appropriate gear.

If you touch the gear lever with your hand during driving, if you feel a certain vibration, it may be due to the gear inside the fork scraping the gear caused. At this point, we need to immediately correct the correct position fork, to be alleviated.

If the transmission rattles cyclically, and the volume is relatively large. This may be a few teeth have been broken or debris embedded in it. At this point, we should promptly clean the transmission completely, to eliminate its internal problems, to be resolved.

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