Agricultural Gearbox Used in Poland


Agriculture is an important part of Poland's economy. Its agricultural land covers an area of 18.4 million hectares, accounting for 58.8% of the total land area, of which 84.5% is owned by individual farmers. Each household has an average of 7.1 hectares of agricultural land. Agricultural employment is 2.7 million. Accounting for 19% of the national employment; employment in rural areas about 5.5 million, accounting for 38.6% of the national employment.

Poland is a traditional agricultural country. Unlike other Eastern European countries, Poland maintained its privatization of land after the Second World War and did not fully implement the collectivized agricultural cooperative. The individual economy has always enjoyed a fair share of the Polish agriculture.

So, agricultural gearbox is often used in Poland. And nowadays, more and more foreign friend in Poland buy agricultural gearbox from China because of the good service and cheap price.

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