Agricultural Machinery Parts Cleaning and Maintenance


Agricultural machinery parts is an important part of the entire farm machinery, if some failures, the entire agricultural machinery can not be normal operation. The following are three kinds of agricultural machinery parts rust method. Agricultural gearbox is one of them. For example, Rotary Rake Gearbox and Rotary Disc Mower Gearbox.

Agricultural gearbox

1, Ammonium sulfate descaling method with a large tank of pottery, dressed in accordance with the ratio of 1:25 prepared ammonium sulfate solution. Then the rusty farm tools spare parts into the cylinder, soak for a whole day and night, rust will float on the water itself. Remove the parts, wipe with a cloth to dry, coated with milk or vaseline can be.

2, Vinegar rust method Rusty farm tools spare parts into vinegar soak, the rust layer is easy to fall off. After removing the brush with a fine brush to the rust on the accessories, and then put into vinegar soak for a while, remove the wipe dry, coated with anti-rust oil can be.

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