Agriculture Minister of Ukraine: Welcome Agricultural Machinery Enterprises


In a speech to the Global Forum on Agriculture and Water - Key to the Security of World Food, Ukraine's Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food, Goodoud said yesterday that the restoration and expansion of the Ukrainian irrigation system will be crucial to solving the world food crisis and expanding food production. "In the view of the World Food Organization, Uzbekistan will become the world's food donor in the future and Uzbekistan will be able to expand food production to 100 million tons / year and increase the amount of food that can feed 400 to 500 million people under the conditions of the restoration and development of irrigation systems Yield."

During the meeting of "Sustainable Growth - Success Factors and Strategic Options for Uzbek Machinery Manufacturing Sector", Gudovi claimed that Uzbekistan will fully support the development of local agricultural machinery. "Ukraine is now a promising area for agricultural machinery manufacturing, so I urge international equipment manufacturers and investors to expand and shift their production to Uzbekistan. We have all the necessary resources to do this - the right technical area to train engineers and specialists , steady demand for products in this area. "

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