Basic Work of Agricultural Machinery Gearbox


In this news, we will talk about the basic work of agricultural machinery gearbox.

Friction, lubrication theory and lubrication technology are the basic work in gear research. The study of elastic fluid dynamic pressure lubrication theory promotes the use of synthetic lubricating oils and appropriate addition of extreme pressure additives to the oil. This not only improves the bearing capacity of tooth surfaces, but also It also improves transmission efficiency.

For high-speed heavy-duty agricultural gearbox transmissions, due to the large friction between the tooth surfaces and the relative speed, the meshing zone temperature is too high. Once the lubrication conditions are poor, the oil film between the tooth surfaces will disappear, making the two teeth The metal surfaces are in direct contact so that they stick to each other. When the two tooth flanks continue to move relative to each other, the harder tooth flanks tear away some of the material on the soft tooth flanks to form a groove.

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Agricultural Machinery Gearbox