Common Fault Emergency Methods of Agricultural Machinery


In this news, we will talk about the emergency methods of agricultural machinery. We are agricultural machinery gearboxes manufacturer, any questions pls contact to us directly.

The agricultural machinery fell into a mud pit and slipped:

At this time, it is not permissible to force the throttle to avoid damage to the agricultural chassis or to make the wheels of the farm machinery deeper and deeper. Stop the operation first. Use a tool to shovel the mud pits into bevels, cover with straw and other objects, and then start the agricultural machine. Stop the farm machinery out of the mud pit.

Agricultural machinery belt damaged:

The two ends of the belt can be connected and fixed with iron wire. After temporary use, the belt should be changed to the repair shop to replace the belt, or the belt parts should be installed after the machine is stopped.

It is true that due to the damage of spare parts, it is not possible to drive out of the farm machinery, and the trailer is used to pull the agricultural machinery away. The steel pipe shall be used for hard towing and the use of leather ropes for soft towing shall be strictly prohibited. Because agricultural machinery is a heavy equipment, it is easy to cause secondary hazards such as rear-end collisions. Damaged agricultural machinery should not be used for towing, and the damaged agricultural machinery should be loaded into the repair plant by means of a trailer. When towing a trailer, the two cars must be kept at a distance from each other and run smoothly.

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