Do You Know an Agricultural Right Angle Gearbox?


Right angle gearboxes are characterized by the fact that the drive shaft and the output shaft are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees. Depending on the gearbox type, the axes can intersect in a plane or cross on two parallel planes, which results in an axis offset. Right angle gearboxes are realized with different types of gear teeth or a combination of different gearing types. The most popular single-stage gearbox types are bevel and worm.

Agricultural Right Angle Gearbox

The advantages of right angle gearboxes:

Use when installation space is limited

Compact design

Can be combined with other types of gearbox

Quiet and high degree of torque when using hypoid gearboxes

Version with hollow shaft possible


The disadvantages of right angle gearboxes:

Complex design

Lower efficiency level than planetary gearbox


Lower torques in single-stage transmission ratio range


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