Do You Know How to Maintain Your Mower?


1. Maintenance of oil

Every time you use the lawn mower, check the oil surface to see if it is between the upper and lower scales of the oil scale. 5 hours after the use of new machines should be replaced with oil, the use of 10 hours after the oil should be replaced once again, according to the requirements of the manual after the regular replacement of oil. Replace the oil should be in the engine in a heat state. Filling the oil can not be too much, otherwise it will appear: black smoke, lack of power (cylinder coke too much, spark plug gap small). Engine overheating and so on. Filling the oil can not be too little, otherwise it will be: the engine gear noise, piston ring to accelerate wear and damage. Even the current tile and other phenomena, resulting in serious damage to the engine. Recommend you our Fiber Optic Splice Closure site.


2. Maintenance of air filter

Before and after use, check whether the air filter is dirty and should be cleaned. If dirty will lead to the engine is difficult to start, black smoke, lack of power. If the filter is a sponge, can be used after cleaning gasoline, the appropriate filter on the filter some oil, so that the filter to keep the wet state, but also to the filter element is paper, can remove the filter, dust off attached to the dust; Is conducive to adsorption of dust.


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