Announcements of Gearbox Oil Change Skills


Gearboxes are one of the core components of wind turbines. In order to ensure efficient and stable operation of the fan, gearbox lubrication must be guaranteed. Fan gearbox oil change procedures generally include "emissions", "flushing" and "raise." Use proper oil change procedures to ensure lubricity and proper operation of the equipment, optimize gear lubrication, extend oil change intervals and filter change intervals, and increase gearbox life and fan productivity.

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OEM & ODM Rotary Lawn Mower Gearbox

OEM & ODM Gearbox


The use of technology-leading oil change equipment

Safety - By replacing the artificial oil with an oil pipe and delivering the oil to a gearbox in the sky, the procedures of discharge, cleaning, flushing and filling are completed to reduce the potential safety hazard for maintenance personnel.

Environmentally friendly - Effectively remove old oil and contaminants and clean gearboxes, improve the efficiency of lubricating oil, reduce oil waste effectively, optimize the amount of lubricating oil and reduce the environmental impact.

Efficient - fan replacement oil truck mechanized oil replacement time spent less than half of the traditional oil change time, enabling the fan to resume work faster and reduce downtime losses.