How Much Do You Know about Rotary Mower?


Rotary lawn mower is one of the lawn mower. Rotary mower is mainly applied to grassland, shrub land mowing, cleaning and surface roughing pasture renovation, transformation and other work.

There are two kinds of modes, drum and turntable: ① Drum lawn mower transmission device is located in the top of the cutter, which is also known as the transmission rotary lawn mower. A drum lawn mower is generally equipped with juxtaposed 1 to 4 vertical cylindrical or conical rollers. Each roller is equipped with articulated 2 ~ 6 blade under the cutter, the adjacent blade on the blade of the rotary track has a certain amount of overlap, in order to avoid leakage. The drum is driven by tape or bevel gear, and the adjacent rollers are relatively rotated. The cut grass is laid under a pair of rollers and laid back into a neat grass. Can meet the requirements of low cutting, but the structure is not compact enough.

Rotary Mower Gearbox

② Turntable lawn mower transmission device is located in the bottom of the cutter, which also known as the next drive rotary lawn mower. In the turntable lawn mower on the knife beam, generally tied with 4 to 6 cutter. Each cutter hinges 2 to 6 blades. The configuration of the blades on the adjacent cutter blades is staggered, and the rotation path of the blade has a certain amount of overlap. The cutterhead is generally driven by gears, and the rotation of the adjacent cutter head is reversed. Compact structure, smooth transmission, reliable. But the lower edge of the cutter because of the higher position of the transmission device. In order to ensure low cutting and reduce the re-cutting, the cutter is usually tilted forward by a certain angle. Rotary lawnmower cutter blade on the cutter blade, when the cutter blade high-speed rotation, under the action of centrifugal force to maintain its cutting state. When the resistance is too large or fault, the blade that is pendulum, to avoid damage. Blade edge can be used while worn edge. Replacement of the blade is also more convenient than the reciprocating lawn mower. In the rotary lawn mower, in addition to equipped with reciprocating mower similar to the safety device, the top of the cutter also added a protective cover to ensure personal safety.

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