How to Take Care of Lawns In Different Seasons?


1. After the summer insect pests in the lawn, various types of alopecia areata appear more or less, and autumn is the best time for remedy. It is worth noting that whether it is sowing or turf replanting, it is recommended to choose grass species that are consistent with the original turf.

2. In the autumn, the cool-season turfgrass grows vigorously. The warm-season turf can also extend the green period through fertilization. It is necessary to correctly grasp the fertilizing materials. For example, in order to promote turfgrass growth and delivery, it is recommended to select nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compounds. Fertilizer or slow release compound fertilizer.

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3, The amount of precipitation in the fall is greatly reduced, the amount of watering of the lawn is particularly important (as far as possible to avoid the low temperature time), water can not keep up with the yellowing, dry, alopecia areata phenomenon, so we must pay great attention to the lawn watering work, The blind areas where sprinkler irrigation occurs should be promptly filled with water.

4, The autumn temperature is more suitable for the growth of cold season turfgrass, so the number of pruning will inevitably increase, but the height should be lower than the summer.

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