Lubrication Method of Open Gear Reducer


In agriculture, we always use agricultural machine gearbox. Do you know how to lubricate open gear reducer?

Open and semi-open gear reducer drives, or closed gear drives with lower speeds, are normally supplied with periodic refuelling. Lubricants or greases are used.

When the peripheral speed of the gear of the reducer is >12m/s, the injection lubrication should be adopted, that is, the oil pump or the central fuel supply station supplies the oil at a constant pressure, and the lubricant is sprayed onto the indented surface of the gear teeth by the nozzle. When v≤25m/s, the nozzle is located on the side of the gear teeth or on the edge of the sentry; when v>25m/s, the nozzle should be located on the side of the gear teeth for timely cooling. Teeth, but also lubricate the gear teeth.

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