Material and Heat Treatment of Gear


Choice of equipment materials. Materials must be selected according to its functioning conditions, which has an immediate effect on equipment machining performance and service life. Generally, for the force transmission equipment of reduced speed and heavy load, the surface is easy from shape and easily broken. So the equipment's material should be of high intensity and hardness, for example 18CrMnTi. For the energy transmission gear with high linear rate, its surface could create pitting. Hence the surface of equipment should have sufficient hardness. It is recommended to use 38CrMoAlA nitriding steel. The power of gear, should be utilized in manufacture substances, such as low carbon alloy steel 18CrMnTi. General purpose equipment is made of medium carbon steel and low carbon steel such as 20Cr, 40Cr, 20CrMnTi etc..
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Heat treatment of gear machining. There are two kinds of heat treatment procedure according to various purposes.
(a) Blank heat therapy before and following the equipment blank processing arrangement of pre heating treatment, normalizing and tempering. Its principal purpose is to remove the remaining irrigation and machining caused by stress, improving substance cutting performance along with the in depth mechanical attributes.
(b) Following treating the tooth surface heating therapy, carburizing, quenching, high frequency quenching, carbonitriding and nitriding treatment processes are often carried out so as to enhance the hardness and wear resistance of the gear surface.