Special Care of Mower Gearbox In Spring


Spring is coming. Did you prepare your mower gearbox? HONGYE, agricultural gearbox manufacturer, will share you some tips about care for mower gearbox.

After months of hibernation, your lawn mower finally sees the sun and the garden is waiting for you to trim it. But don't worry about starting the mower immediately. Just make a three-step preparation. The next job will be a lot easier! In the first step, use high-quality engine oil (such as SE, SF, or SC oil, or SAE30W engine oil of high quality to fill the crankcase. In the second step, use clean, fresh gasoline, because the oil is ready in 30 days. Deterioration Gasoline does not mix old and new to prevent engine start-up.The third step is to use a new set of spark plugs.After the engine is started for the first time, all the atomized oil will be consumed and new spark plugs must be replaced.

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Rotary Mower Gearbox