Structure and Characteristics of Rotary Tiller Gearbox


With the development of China's overall economy, gearbox is widely used in all areas of national economy and national defense industry, agricultural gearboxes have also been widely used. What is the structure and characteristics of the rotary tiller gearbox?
The load torque of the DC gear motor has a direct relationship with the speed and current. The speed decreases linearly with the increase of the load, and the current increases linearly. When selecting specifications, try to work at the maximum efficiency point to achieve the desired operating performance, working life and characteristic stability. The working life of the gearbox generally exceeds the working life of the DC motor, can typically reach 1000 to 3000 hours. The total reduction ratio of the gearbox is generally in the range of 1:10 to 1: 500. After specially designed, can reach 1: 1000 or more, but the gearbox with a large reduction ratio does not allow "reverse".

Rotary power tiller gearbox