The Design Functions of Mower


The use of mower brings great convenience for people. And the convenience according to its design principle are being wanted to know by each greening staff. As the China manufacturer of mower gearbox and rotary mower gearbox with many years of production experience, we would like to introduce the eight production function for you.

Rotary Mower Gearbox

1. Mower with good heat dissipation system, to ensure the engine power.

2. Automatic throttle of the carburetor design, coupled with effective intake cleaning system, so that the engine life longer.

3. Unique double scavenging air tank design, making the engine performance more remarkable.

4. Elaborately built mowing head gear box, with low noise, low temperature, long working life.

5. Unique design of the connecting disk and hard shaft, with super long endurance life.

6. High power, low fuel consumption of the overall design, making the whole machine efficient and durable operation.

7. Elegant design, coupled with effective damping system, making products more user-friendly.

8. Easy tart design, save time and effort.

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