The Reason of Improving The Quality of Gearbox


Industry is the most used mechanical equipment occasions, gearbox as the most important equipment in modern industry, the service life is longer and longer, which makes many users very happy. Replacement of equipment is not a simple matter, not only affect the normal production speed, but also spend a lot of manpower and cost updates. Now the quality of gearbox has been greatly improved, mainly for the following two reasons:

First of all, the theoretical knowledge of gearbox is becoming more and more perfect. In order to improve the quality of hardened gear reducer, graduate students, colleges doctoral students and professors provide a special research results, these problems will soon be the actual use.

Second, the discovery and application of new materials. Gear transmission design and manufacturing use new materials and a variety of high-quality alloy new materials. At the same time, with the continuous development of China's industrial technology, post-processing level is also rising to ensure a substantial increase in quality.
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