Why Do Lawn Mowers And Other Outdoor Power Do Not Start in Spring?


Outdoor power, such as lawn mowers, usually will stop working and be stored in the winter. If storage maintenance is not good, the machines are unable to start in the coming Spring . The general reason is that the fuel tank and the vaporizer fuel did not burnt out , and oil after a Winter could not burn. At the same time, the oil in vaporizer will volatilization, its sediment will plug hole. The result is that the machine can not start or run smoothly. So the machine stopped before winter must do storage maintenance, give out oil in fuel tank, burn out the oil in vaporizer. At the same time, open to the spark plug cylinder drops 2-3 drop of oil, pull the starter 2 times.

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How should we do if we meet the problem above?

A, It is necessary to check whether the fuel is a qualified fresh oil.

B, If the carburetor is not burned before the last year, the carburetor should be cleaned (must be cleaned by professionals).

C, Send professional shop for maintenance.

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