The Importance of Mower Gearbox


Mower is the most commonly used tool in garden, and can quickly remove weeds! and can quickly remove weeds! Mower also known as lawn machine, made of the cutter, engine, walking wheel, walking agencies, blades, handrails and control parts. Efficiency increased by 8 to 10 times than artificial weeding, injury rate is low, grass clean rate is high. 

The development of agricultural mechanization, the improvement of work efficiency and the improvement of agricultural productivity is important for an agricultural country, mower as a tool for agricultural production has an important role, it has the most direct impact on the crop production, its invention is a major advance in human civilization.

There are many parts of the lawn mower, each part is very important for it, the normal operation of the lawn mower is Inseparable from the lawn mower gearbox.