Popular Types of Gearboxes


Popular Types of Gearboxes

According to the Gears & Gearbox website, there are a variety of gearboxes used in industries such as aerospace, paper, mining, agriculture and pulp. Some of the most common gearboxes are ground, bevel, worm, helical and spur. The manufacturing industry considers ground and hardened gearboxes the best types of gearboxes, according to the Gears Hub website. Ground gearboxes are made of materials such as titanium, stainless steel and nickel and used in industrial applications in the cement and aviation industries and windmills. Right angle applications use mainly bevel gearboxes, which are special speed reducers with their shafts lying perpendicular to each other.

Other Types

A worm gearbox changes the direction of rotary motion because of the screw thread on its axis that meshes with a toothed wheel, according to gears-gearbox.com. Worm gearboxes are constructed from materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, bronze or aluminum. A spur gearbox provides continuous speed drive by transmitting power and constant, uniform rotary motion from one parallel shaft to the other. Helical gearboxes are similar to spur gearboxs as far as working performance is concerned and possess teeth in a spiral format around the gear. Fabricated to work noiselessly, helical gearboxes are used in transmission operations.